My Two Cents: Chicago Cubs Sign Jim Edmonds

Michael StevensContributor IMay 15, 2008

Ever since the news broke that the Cubbies had been eyeing Jim Edmonds, my heart began dropping.  I'll be honest—I hadn't heard the Cards had let him go, and my first thought was: Why are we picking up their garbage?  If the Cards don't want or need him, why should we?

Then I read that the Padres had let him go as well, last Friday. My jaw dropped to the ground in awe.  If the worst team in baseball was getting rid of a guy because he wasn't producing, it had to be bad—below the Mendoza line bad, as it turns out.

Now, I didn't exactly watch the game today, Edmonds' first game as a Cub, but I kept track of how it progressed as it went.  In the second, a hit in his first at bat—not too bad, I thought to myself.  From there, nothing.  With men on base, nothing.  I've been hard on Felix Pie this year, but to trade him for a hitter that can't seem to hit in a critical situation, just seems like the sort of move a fool would make. 

I understand Edmonds is coming off a calf injury, and we can see from Alfonso Soriano's slow start, and subsequent hot bat, that things can turn around.  Combine that with the minimal amount the Cubs are having to shell out for Edmonds (so far as I've seen, it's a prorated portion of the Major League minimum), and it might come out to being an iffy move.  But potentially, it's a move that comes at the cost of working on Pie, even on irregular playing time, to a point where he could quickly become a viable option in the outfield.

Perhaps it's too early to say. Rumor has it that Edmonds may not get a start until sometime next week—the Pirates have three southpaws lined up as starters for the weekend set—so he may not be seen unless popped in as part of a double-switch.  But, based on the season numbers, and what we've seen today, I'm prepared to chalk this up to a horrible gamble by the Cubs' front office.