Cardinals Stress Machine or Winning Machine?

Nick McnairContributor IAugust 12, 2009

FLAGSTAFF, AZ - JULY 31:  Wide reciever Lance Long #19 of the Arizona Cardinals makes a reception under pressure from cornerback Jameel Dowling #43 during the evening team training camp at Northern Arizona University on July 31, 2009 in Flagstaff, Arizona.  (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)

Are the Cardinals a stress machine?

Most people think that losing a Super Bowl by a mere touchdown is very depressing but is it enough to stop the will of the Cardinals? I believe if the Cardinals were to get past the Super Bowl loss and start fresh, they would be a force to be reckoned with.

If the Cardinals do manage to come together and play as a team, they will be able to get back to the Super  Bowl and possibly win.

As already shown this past winter, the team is extremely good. They are as good as the Steelers, but the Cardinals just had one little mess up and it cost them the game as well as the title of being the best, the elite, number ones.

I believe that the Cardinals are a strong team, and when organized they could again be able to stop even the best teams. There has been little attention on this team because Tom Brady and the Patriots have been stealing the spot light.

It is time we recognize the Arizona Cardinals as a strong team that could become number one.

This is not to offend any team I mentioned, nor any other NFL franchise.