Tyner Reemerges With Indians, Can't Wait To Play Twins

Timothy BogerCorrespondent IMay 15, 2008

Pictured: Delmon Young, a bit of a de facto replacement for Tyner in Minnesota.

He's back.

Jason Tyner, that guy we laugh at for hours on end for setting the record for more MLB at-bats without a home run. That guy that reinvented the term 'Pirahna'. That scrawny little outfielder that some loved and some laughed it.

On May 11th, the Indians called up the former Twin up to the majors from Triple-A Buffalo. Tyner hit .234 in 31 games for Buffalo and the Indian's AA affiliate. He also hit 4 doubles and another home run in his stint in the minors. But in May, he spikes his average to .370 and really opened some eyes up in the Majors.

Of course, Gardenhire's knack for picking the wrong outfielder came up. “I had a tough role,” Tyner said. “You’d go a week without playing, but I thought I did my job. I guess they didn’t think about that when they made the decision.

Tyner was released soon after Bill Smith, the new Twins' GM, took over. He along with Lew Ford were released when their contracts expired. Tyner shopped around and eventually signed a minor-league contract with Cleveland. “If I was going to do a minor league deal, I wanted it to be with someone that had the chance to win the World Series, someone that wanted to win.”

Tyner now calls Progressive Field home...ironically the only major league park he has hit a home run in back in July 2007. He'll have to wait, though, to get his revenge. If he manages to survive in the big leagues through interleague play--where Cleveland must give up their DH in their away series--he won't see the Tynerless Twins until June 10-12.

Tyner went 0-for-3 with a walk on Monday when he started against Toronto.