The MLB All-Slow Team: Today's Slowest Players

Shanan H.Analyst IAugust 12, 2009

(Photo by Shanan)

Just making a team from slow players. I already did one for fast players (click here), and everyone knew this was coming. So here it is, your All-Slow team!

(Players must have played 50 games.)

C: Bengie Molina: Slowest player in baseball?  Who knows, but this guy is slow! 

1B: Prince Fielder: Although I don't want to be in his way when he slides.

2B: Dan Uggla: Second base really isn't a slow position, Uggla is just below average. 

3B: Pablo Sandoval: Big, and doesn't go fast.

SS: J.J. Hardy: It's not like he's slow, it's just that every other shortstop has some speed!

LF: Pat Burrell: He can't field, and he can't run.

CF: Rick Ankiel: Hard to find slow people in center field.

RF: Adam Dunn: Big and slow.

DH: Jason Giambi: Any arguments? 


1:  J.J. Hardey

2:  Dan Uggla

3:  Rick Ankiel

4:  Prince Fielder

5:  Adam Dunn

6:  Jason Giambi

7:  Poablo Sandoval

8:  Bengie Molina

9:  Pat Burell