Classical Music? Not With Our Washington Nationals Coverage, Steve Yanda

Jarrett CarterAnalyst IAugust 11, 2009

WASHINGTON - AUGUST 6:  Ryan Zimmerman #11 and Ronnie Belliard #10 of the Washington Nationals celebrate against the Florida Marlins during their MLB game on August 6, 2009 at Nationals Park in Washington, DC.  (Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images)

Don’t get all swept up in the Washington Nationals winning ways, because you wind up writing something you’ll regret. Take Steve Yanda’s inexplicable lede to this sports story.

In the coda of the Passacaglia and Fugue in C minor, composer Johann Sebastian Bach repeats the same chord sequence over and over again, leading the listener to anticipate one resolution, only to provide a tone completely different.

It’s one of those things that was probably funny to both Yanda and the editor, you know? Like, it’s late, the Nats stink, and truly cultured people would get the humor in such a ridiculous opening for a sports story.

But then us schlubs got a hold of it, and what you have now is a deserved Internet mocking. Sure, it will blow over in a day or two. The beast doesn’t need sustained feeding from one plate. But seriously, shouldn’t the Post have learned its lesson with the whole, “I’m better than this baseball sh*t” approach to it’s baseball coverage?