Should The Starting WR For Oakland Be The Bey?

RaiderusMaxAnalyst IIAugust 12, 2009

 Okay Raidernation.

  The Raiders picked up Darrius Bey and thank goodness he isnt the holdout Crabtree turned out to be. However, I do not think he can perform at star level. I am constantly hearing that he cannot catch well, how true that is needs to be seen. I understand that Al Davis loves speed. Bey is definitely a speedburner but he also needs to be able to catch! I will have the chance Thursday to see.

   It is  posssible that Chaz Schilenz could be the next sleeper for the Raiders? Higgins did well at kick returner and WR. Much like one of my favorites, Tim Brown who became a legend in Oaktown. Higgins also has good hands.  Yet as far as the Raiders number one receiver I couldnt tell you at this point.

   Next is the retaining of Javon Walker; Mr.Physically Unable to Perform list. Why is this former Packer / Bronco donning the Silver and Black? Al! Please let this guy go. Walker has done absolutely nothing to help the Raiders. He is nothing more than a money pit (remember Desmond Howard).

  I believe that Marvin Harrison could be a good player to pick up. We should get him for one solid year and see what rookie will step up and take the Tim Brown reigns.

  The Oakland Raiders look really good this year and I believe that defensively they will shock opponents teams this year. They have a strong running game and Cable appears to be in control of this team because they seem really fired up this year and he has brought out the competitiveness of the Oakland Raiders.

  I am hoping for a 9-7 year and thats not out of reach. To accomplish that however we need some WR's to show up. As for Bey, I really hope he can take advantage of the position Al Davis has set him in. Starting WR for the Oakland Raiders. Just Run, Catch and Win Baby.