Dallas Cowboys Roy Williams: Is He a True No.1 Receiver

Scott SpradlingContributor IAugust 12, 2009

CARROLLTON, TX - JUNE 16:  Wide receiver Roy Williams of the Dallas Cowboys during mini camp at Standridge Stadium on June 16, 2009 in Carrollton, Texas.  (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

Most Cowboys fans are laid back so far thru training camp. In fact, it has been several years since we have had this quiet, sometimes eerily quite, training camp.

The last two seasons have caused the fans of the Cowboys to reserve judgment. In their minds, there was so much emphasis on Terrell Owens that once we got rid of him we no longer knew what to do. So now we wait and see.

There are many questions whether Roy Williams is truly a No. 1 receiver and if our other receivers, Miles Austin and Sam Hurd, will step up in the passing offense. During the first week of training camp, Williams and Romo’s connection seemed to be off, just a half a step here and there. Suddenly, however, this week they seemed to start connecting, and the week ended with a lot of confidence between Williams and Romo.

This year, from what I can tell, will not be a Diva (Owens) receiver-oriented (more like demanding) offense that it has been the past two years. This year looks to feature a two-tight-end, with one back, set.

The key will be the two tight ends. The Cowboys have what I think is the best tight-end tandem in the league in Jason Witten and Martellus Bennett. Witten is already a proven tight end, and Bennett, in his second-year with the Cowboys, is ready to break out, and I think that most people will be shocked with his athletic ability.

The Cowboys believe the two-tight-end, one-back package will keep defenses off balance, allowing them to throw as they (Witten and Bennett) split out or the Cowboys run as they block from any formation.

So if that’s what we are seeing and there are no distractions like T.O. and Jessica Simpson, or the Bill (you know that guy with the Dolphins front office) circus, what are they talking about here in Dallas? Josh Hamilton and the Texas Rangers. (You’re welcome Romo.) Literally that’s it, and that’s a different blog.

On Thursday, the Dallas Cowboys will play their first preseason game against the Oakland Raiders. They are not game-planning for them at all; they are going to use that game to just work on things the Cowboys need to work on.

The Cowboys are starting to accumulate a few injuries, and some are a little alarming as we literally have no one to take their spot, and that is the cornerback position. Another area of concern for the Cowboys is their depth on the offensive line, better knock on wood! Get your rabbit’s foot out, throw some salt over the shoulder!

Have fun watching the Cowboys and Raiders Thursday, and go Cowboys!


Current Injuries:

·         RB Alonzo Coleman has been out more than a week with a knee injury. Not a big concern as he probably will not make the team.

·         CB Terence Newman is day-to-day with a strained groin. This is very alarming. We are very short on talent in this area and we have not made much improvement over last year.

·         CB Mike Jenkins is day to day with a high ankle sprain.

·         CB Mike Hawkins has been out two weeks with a patella bruise. Not alarming as he will also probably not make the team.

·         LB Steve Octavian is day to day with a groin strain.