I'm Back

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I'm Back
And with that, the most inconsistent Husker blogger has announced his return. Surely, the blogosphere will buzz with the return of my posts. OK, so that's probably not true. But what I have come to realize is that I miss writing. I miss sharing my thoughts about everything Nebraska football with fellow Husker fans. And almost as much, I miss making fun of the Big 10. Regardless of the reasons though, I wanted to say that I'm returning to blogging about the Huskers, the itch was too much to ignore now that camp is in full swing and the second year of the Bo Pelini era is looking to further Nebraska's resurgence. My first real report will be tomorrow, but expect a few things:

1) I promise. Seriously, I promise: No less than 3 postings a week.

2) Let me state first that I hate twitter. The fact that the human attention span has gotten so small that we can only keep up with 140-character updates makes me have serious doubts about the future of our species. That said, the platform is perfect for doing in-game updates of what I'm thinking about NU's performance or other random thoughts I might be having. And I promise you, I'm not going to be updating you about when I'm grocery shopping or taking a deuce, which is apparently what some people seem to think twitter is for.

3) Expect Nebraska to return to greatness. More on this in the coming days.

And let me conclude my return press conference (attendance: 1) by saying that as excited as I am about this year's Huskers, I am almost equally giddy about Kevin Cosgrove being the defensive coordinator of the Minnesota Golden Gophers. This is going to be too easy.

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