Big Josh Smith and His Recruiting at The End Of His Jr Yr!

Jason McClearyContributor IAugust 11, 2009

Josh Smith is ready to shine!



Washington State keeps the talent coming!  College coaches and recruiters are using their frequent flyer miles to check out the talent in the Northwest. With the likes of future D1 prospects Peyton Siva, Tony Wroten Jr, Avery Bradley, Abdul Gaddy, Aaron Dotson, Reggie Moore, etc.  The state of Washington has another one in 265 pound 2010 prospect Josh Smith.


Smith who is a force to be reckoned with on the court has drawn some national attention within the year.  Some recruiting services have him as the top 10 best players for the class of 2010.  If u seen Smith play you would understand why.  At 6-foot-10 265 pounds Smith can hold his own down low in the paint.  With a nice upsize to his frame!  Smith has some of the softest hands you will see for a big man who can score, rebound and dish the ball to an open teammate.


“I feel real good about what I can do on the court and how I did in the summer against some good comp.  I know what I need to work on”


Some say who have seen Smith play is a little soft inside the paint.  Over the summer he has been working on that.  Being more aggressive in the paint has brought the best out of “Big Josh”. 


“I know I need to be more and more aggressive.  I am working on playing with that chip on my shoulder because I know my competition will bring their best games at me.”


In the beginning of the year the University of Washington had an offer already on the table for Smith.  Now Smith is hearing more from other schools and has some offers as well.


“I have been hearing from a lot of schools lately.  UCLA has been down the past three weeks checking me out.  Arizona, Arizona St, Washington St, and Gonzaga have come up and checked me out as well.  So far I have offers from UCLA, University of Washington and Washington St.”


With the season here Smith is leading his 3-1 Kentwood high school team!


“I am averaging 20.3 points a game with around 12 rebounds.”


The University of Washington will be working hard to keep Smith in town when it is all said and done.  The sky is the limit for Smith whose sophomore year has just begun and has two more years in counting.  Coach Romar will be attending a lot of games in the near future to show loyalty and faith to keep Smith at home.


“I like the Huskies a lot but I have my options open.  I don’t even have a list yet.  I still have a ways to go before I think about that.”


Smith is a humble kid with good family values.  A student athlete who carries good grades!  Maybe those family values will keep him in town.  Husky fans wouldn’t mind that at all along with Coach Romar.


Stay tuned on what the future has in store for “Big Josh.”