Nations Cup Results: USA vs England Match Report

Wendy YoungCorrespondent IAugust 11, 2009

It was evident in the second game of the 2009 Women’s Nations Cup between England and the USA that both teams were playing in their first match of the tournament. Soft hands by both teams led to some prime opportunities that failed to be capitalized on, as both sides struggled to find their rhythm on the scenic Appleby College rugby pitch.

A fumbled throw by England’s backs caused an early breakaway run by America’s Amy Daniels, who intercepted sprinting twenty metres to touch down for the first try of the match.

The early 7-0 lead by the U.S. was short-lived, as England rallied back with practiced hands and a drive by lock Jo McGilchrist, who went over for England’s first try of the tournament. The Americans continued to push England, keeping the first half close at 14-5.

England emerged from the halftime break composed and rejuvenated, scoring four tries, two of which came from 19-year-old Emily Scarratt. Entering the U20 England women’s program just two years ago, this is Scarratt’s first Senior Nations Cup tournament; her first cup as a junior came just last year.

“America put up a tough fight, which we were expecting. It took us a while to get into it but we just needed to be patient and play up our end,” Scarratt said after the match. “It came to us in the end, but full credit to America.”

The close encounter ended with defending Nations Cup champion England taking a 36-7 decision. England’s Head Coach Gary Street commented on the win after the final whistle.

“They relied on our mistakes in the first half and the score was quite close. The second half, I think our condition and our skill set really came into play. We showed our quality in the end.”

England’s fluid passing overcame the difficult first half, but small mistakes and lost balls cost the American team their lead. U.S. Head Coach Kathy Flores said that the fumbling hands let them down.

“We really concentrated on knowing that England does not get pushed defensively a lot. It wasn’t our full attack, but we’re trying to concentrate on pushing them a lot defensively and cause some mishandling errors on their part, “ said Flores. “Unfortunately, I don’t think we quite followed through.”

USA Roster
1. Jamie Burke
2. Lisa Butts
3. Stacy Baker
4. Stacey Bridges
5. Jillion Potter
6. Beckett Royce
7. Kristin Zdanczewicz
8. Blair Groefsema
9. Claudia Braymer
10. Stephanie Bruce
11. Nathalie Marchino
12. Lynelle Kugler
13. Amy Daniels
14. Vanesha McGee
15. Ashley English
16. Farrah Douglas
17. Mari Wallace
18. Sharon Blaney
19. Phaidra Knight
20. Kim Magrini
21. Hannah Stolba
22. Christy Ringgenberg

England Roster
1 Rochelle Clark Team Northumbria
2 Amy Garnett Saracens
3 Sophie Hemming Bristol Rugby
4 Sarah Beale Lichfield
5 Jo McGilchrist Wasps
6 Karen Jones Richmond
7 Heather Fisher Wasps
8 Catherine Spencer Bristol Rugby Captain
9 Amy Turner Richmond
10 Katy McLean Darlington Mowden Park Sharks VC
11 Fiona Pocock Richmond
12 Alice Richardson Richmond
13 Emily Scarratt Lichfield
14 Katherine Merchant Worcester
15 Charlotte Barras Saracens
16 Claire Purdy Wasps
17 Katy Storie Team Northumbria
18 Becky Essex Richmond
19 Gemma Sharples Worcester
20 Georgina Rozario Plymouth Albion
21 Danielle Waterman Team Northumbria
22 Kim Oliver Bristol Rugby