Beerfoot 7s Fort Myers Beach - July 18, 2009 - Tournament Results

Wendy YoungCorrespondent IAugust 11, 2009

from my inbox:

Wendy, I know it has been a couple weeks since our tournament but I was trying to find all the results from the tournament. My co-coordinator/treasurer has all the paperwork from the tournament and some has gone missing. Nevertheless, I am providing what I do have for you. Sorry again for any incomvenience.


Beerfoot 7s Fort Myers Beach - July 18, 2009

22 Men's Teams, 6 Womens Teams, 4 HS Teams, 4 Old Boys Teams for a total of 36 teams at the 7th Annual Beerfoot 7's Rugby Tournament hosted by Naples Hammerheads Rugby Club.

Women's Pools
Miami A
Miami B
Ft Lauderdale

Women's Division Winners
1.Orlando Women
2.Miami Women
3.Jacksonville Women

Mens Pools
Naples A
Tampa Sharks B
Ft Lauderdale Sheisty Bastards
Boca Raton Chess Club
Pembroke Pines
Tampa Sharks A
Master Gators A
Ft Lauderdale Cabana
Boca Raton Debate Team
Treasure Coast
Naples B
Miami Tridents
Bay Area Pelicans
Miami Men
UCF Sex Panthers
Key West
Boca Raton God Save the Queen
Master Gators B

Naples A v Tampa Sharks B 26-5
Tampa Sharks A v Master Gators A 13-5
Bay Area Pelicans v Miami 15-19
USF v Master Gators B 25-4
Naples A v FIU 24-0
Pembroke Pines v Master Gators A 0-28
Pelicans v Sex Panthers 21-5
God Save the Queen v Master Gators B 4-10
Naples A v Sheisty Bastards 34-0
Tampa Sharks A v Pembroke Pines 31-5
Pelicans v Orlando 5-0
FIU v Ft Sheisty Bastards 14-10
Cabana v Debate Team 15-0
Sex Panthers v Orlando 0-20
Krewe v God Save the Queen 15-23
Tampa Sharks B v Sheisty Bastards 15-5
Cabana v Treasure Coast 31-5
Miami v Orlando 9-9
Key West v Krewe 19-0
Tampa Sharks B v FIU 37-0
Cabana v Naples B 28-4
Miami v Sex Panthers 13-10
Master Gators B v Krewe 5-0
Chess Club v Pembroke Pines 28-8
Treasure Coast v Naples B 7-26
Key West v God Save the Queen 0-4
Cabana v Miami Tridents 15-10
Chess Club v Tampa Sharks A 5-3
Debate Team v Naples B 5-10
Key West v USF 0-5
Debate Team v Miami Tridents 5-18
Chess Club v Master Gators A 5-7
Debate Team v Treasure Coast 5-0
Key West v Master Gators B 5-23
Treasure Coast v Miami Tridents 29-5
Naples B v Miami Tridents 0-5
Krewe v USF 0-28

Teams that advanced to Quarterfinals
Tampa Sharks A
Master Gators A
Miami (quit playing- wanted to social)
Boca Chess Club

I am sorry I do not have the scores, but I do have the results for the games below.

Naples v Pelicans
Cabana (bye)
Master Gators A vs Boca Chess Club
Tampa Sharks v USF

Naples v Cabana
USF v Master Gators A

Cabana v Master Gators A

Men's Division Winners
1.Cabana Boys (Ft Lauderdale)
2.UF Master Gators
3.Naples Hammerheads

Old Boys Division Winners
1.Babalaas Masters (Ft Lauderdale)
2.Pelidactyls (St Petersburg)
3.Naples Hammerheads

Old Boys Games:
Pelis 15 Naples 10
Babalaas 28 Krewe 10
Babalaas 20 Naples 10
Pelis 20 Krewe 10
Babalaas 10 Pelis 5

HS Division Winners
1.Cape Coral HS
2.Weston HS
3.Naples HS

Over 250+ participants in the Pub Crawl/ Poker Run Saturday evening
Pub Crawl/ Poker Run
Winner of best hand -$250
# 157 Sarah or Orlando, FL with a Royal Flush or spades
Winner if worst Hand -$50
#219 Tyler or Stuart, FL with a 7 high off suit