LeBron James: He May Seem Immortal at Times, But Everyone Is Human

Carter JohnsonContributor IMay 15, 2008

     After the two loses to the Celtics all the critics were saying LeBron was just not consistent. HELLO WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT??? LeBron led the league in scoring and took home the Scoring title. He also took the Cavaliers to the Finals last year with a sub-par team. He also is, wait.... 23 YEARS OLD!!

    Critics will be critics, what can you say? LeBron has two not so great performances and WHAM all his past accomplishments go out the window. You cannot judge a person on one or two games, you need to look at his life accomplishments.

     Now the series is 3-2 Celtics favor but its not Lebron's fault. He scored around 30 points in each of the wins and scored 23 points in the first half of game five. His supporting cast is the one to blame.You have to remember that the Celtics had the best record in the NBA and the stingiest defense along with the Defensive Player of the Year in Kevin Garnett.

    There is no "I" in team. All you critics remember that. You go out and try to do what he does everyday and then you judge him. You try to carry your team in all 82 games of the season without blemish and then you can talk. LeBron plays like a player beyond his years and is often compared to Michael Jordan.

    You all say he wasted his chance at winning the finals last year but just you wait. I bet you in the next couple of years he will prove you wrong and win one.

    To all the critics who may be reading this: give LeBron James a break and remember all of his accomplishments when you go to criticize him.