Patriots: They May Have Had Spygate But Senator Specter Is Out Of Line

Carter JohnsonContributor IMay 15, 2008

The Spygate Scandal has gone completely overboard. I can almost promise you that every team at some point has done what the Patriots have. If not with video but with micro-phones and such. I believe that the way Commissioner Gooddell has handled this is perfect. The Patriots have been punished and it is time to move on.

     Senator Specter has gone way to far. There is no need for Governmental help in this matter. If you ask me he should be paying more attention to the rising gas prices and the plummeting economy. The good Senator has better things to do with his precious time than to waste it with the NFL. The NFL is great and all but it is JUST ENTERTAINMENT. It is all for the pleasure of the American public. Senator Specter needs to let the people who run the NFL do their job and leave the NFL alone. The NFL and MLB have gotten enough criticism from the media and do not need anymore from the Government.

     Let me ask you something. If the Patriots had maybe lost 18 straight instead of winning 18 straight would everyone care this much. NO WAY! The Patriots are the best team in the NFL and now the critics can take a small matter and blow it way out of proportion. The Patriots won 21 consecutive games and 18 consecutive games and both are NFL records. I'm not saying spying is okay, but that everyone needs to forgive and forget. Wipe the slate clean.

     All in all this matter needs to be dropped. The Senator needs to forget it and pay attention to more important matters at hand. The Patriots lost a valuable draft pick that could help their aging team along with a hefty fine. The Senator claims that the tapes should not have been destroyed. Then tell me, what would he do with them then? There is no more to be done so it should stay that way.