The MLB Insight: Chipper Jones, Cliff Lee—Best Fielder and Pitcher in May

Zach MartinCorrespondent IMay 15, 2008

I'm going to try a new segment where I look around the league to give you the best hitter and pitcher of every month. 


Here the men of May:

1. Chipper Jones, Atlanta Braves 3B: Chipper is on fire now in the MLB. He is leading in Hits (61), and Batting Average (.418). He is just hitting every ball that is thrown at him. He is 36 years-old and is playing like he's 26. This month he as hit .419, which is the best in May for all of the MLB. This is a man that pitchers are now afraid of pitching too.


2. Cliff Lee, Cleveland Indians SP: Cliff Lee is now looking like how he was when he won 18 games a couple of years ago. Right now he has an ERA (Earned Run Average) of .67, best in the majors. He is also 6-0, another leader in the majors for pitchers. Lee looks dominate so far.


These are the men who have dominated in the month of May. Let's see who will be in the June's edition.