Total Recap of First Day of Practice

The WolverineCorrespondent IAugust 11, 2009

Yesterday was the first day of practice in Ann Arbor, and there was a lot to cover.

Reports are that Tate Forcier and Nick Sheridan looked sharp, both throwing crisp and accurate passes. "Both quarterbacks had a great day," Junior Donovan Warren said. Reports were mixed on Denard Robinson, but Coach Rodriguez explained that he is a quick learner. Rodriguez won't shy away from pressuring the QBs, and that includes hitting.

"We've got to put pressure on the freshmen, particularly the quarterbacks," Rodriguez said. He explained: "You've got to let them get banged up a little bit, otherwise how are you going to get them ready? You've got to let them face the live and the guys coming after them a little bit.

Our guys will be smart and maybe pull up a little bit, but we've got to let them get hit a little bit, then after about a week and a half or two weeks? Then we've got to limit their getting banged around. We've got to put pressure on all those freshmen, particularly the quarterbacks, to see if they can react well to that. Then we think they'll be ready for the game.

If Nick wouldn't have gotten hurt, Tate would have been live the whole spring. All the quarterbacks will be live for a portion. I say live, but if Brandon Graham is coming live for some reason, I might blow a quick whistle and say hold up. It might not be enough to stop him, but hopefully we don't get too many of the vicious ones."He hasn't named any favorites, and has consistently said "if you're good enough to win with, we'll play you."

There are only a few practice videos out there available to the general public. Two good ones are available here at MgoBlue and another poorer quality one is here.

A photo gallery is available here.

Practice Facility: Although we've seen pictures before, the $26 million practice facility was opened officially yesterday. Al Glick Field House includes a renovated locker room that equipment manager Jon Falk says is "the Taj Mahal of college football."

Coach Rodriguez said, "Isn't this beautiful? I've been to a number of places visiting and coaching, but I have not seen an indoor facility that compares to this one. I think it's the best in the country. For our student athletes in football and other sports, it's the best of the best. We're fortunate to have it...very fortunate."

Jerseys: Speaking of new looks, Michigan's new Adidas practice jerseys were unveiled yesterday. The jerseys had the traditional Adidas three stripes down their sides. You can see the stripes in the Tate picture above and the Minor picture below.

Still no word on J.T. Turner and Adrian Witty. Both have lockers at Schembechler Hall, but neither is allowed to practice until they are cleared by the NCAA. Coach Rodriguez did hint that he thinks Turner could be cleared earlier than Witty: "If they get here too late, you've got to weigh how much time they need to get ready, and because we haven't worked with them, we don't know how quickly they'll learn. Anything less than two weeks to get ready for a first game, they wouldn't be ready for the first game—by the second or the third they'd be okay. Three weeks for sure they'd be ready, but less than two it gets a little shaky depending on how quickly they learn? That's probably true of any freshman. We're hoping it gets resolved. If it doesn't, we've got enough guys that we should be okay. Both of them are playing a position we don't have a lot of bodies. I don't want to say they were at the top of the depth chart ? but guys we wanted to see early to see if they could contribute. I'm optimistic with [Turner] that his will be quicker, but we'll wait and see."