Mesko Fine-Tuning His Game

The WolverineCorrespondent IAugust 11, 2009

He reads inspirational books from baseball and golf (Zen golf, to be exact, given to him by Lloyd Carr). He is aiming for the NFL, but ultimately wants to be a CEO or coach someday. And he's on track to get there.

“After realizing my physical potential was kind of maxed out after four, five years of lifting, I was like, what can I improve on that’s going to improve me the most?” Mesko said. “He’s kind of helped guide me in the right direction to improve my mental game, basically. Getting the most out of every rep in practice, even. Kind of staying in the present, not let your mind wander around.”

He is currently focusing on having a quicker leg snap. “In golf terms, it’s like club-head speed,” Mesko said. “It’s kind of different because the shaft is always straight on a golf club, but the leg has to whip at the right moment. I’m trying to whip it at that contact point.”

"I'm motivated by what happened last year," Mesko said. "The negative side motivates me a lot more to prove people wrong. So I am 100 percent committed to turning this program back around on the upswing." Literally.