Yanks Seven-Game Winning Streak Snapped By Jays

Lucas WeickCorrespondent IAugust 11, 2009

The Toronto Blue Jays ended a seven-game winning streak last night, beating the Bombers 5-4. Mitre surrendered all five runs, threw away two leads by the Yanks.

Derek Jeter leadoff the bottom of the first with a solo shot to deep left-center. Aaron Hill tied it in the top of the third with a solo shot. Nick Swisher scored Jeter with a sacrifice fly to give the Yanks the lead one last time.

Mitre committed a throwing error in a three run fourth for the Jays. Cano and Hairston Jr. tied the game at four with back-to-back shots in the bottom of the frame. Then Lyle Overbay sunk Mitre and the Yanks with a blast to right to make it 5-4.

Boston beat Detroit 6-5 and gain a game back on the Yanks to make it a 5 1/2 game lead.