Is It Just Me, Or...?: Enough O.J. Already

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Is It Just Me, Or...?: Enough O.J. Already it just me, or...

...have the media hounds been lying in wait for O.J.?

Did you see Marcia Clark? Wow—she looked like a mummy from a cheesy horror flick. Lay off the facelifts, Marcia.

The media hounds are already out. Kato Kaelin was even back on TV—nothing like getting famous on two peoples' deaths.

The original O. J. trial gave 15 minutes of fame to a lot untalented people...and here we go again.

I wish it would all just go away. Fred Goldman getting over exposed—again?

I'm sorry that this man lost his son, but Mr. Goldman has apparently sold his soul for the rights to O.J's book.

He said it wasn't about the money, but now he takes the cash on a book that essentially exploits the savage murder of his son.

You called it blood money when it was on other people's hands. What is it on yours, Fred? this whole case on O.J. shady?

At the end of the tape released to the media, one of the "victims" tells O.J. they mistakenly took some of the Joe Montana stuff. O.J. politely tells him they will leave it at the front desk, because the guy who had it was already in the elevator.

Doesn't sound like a stick-up, does it?


...are the Atlanta Falcons kicking themselves?

Great move trading Matt Shaub, wasn't it?

I guess the gamble to stick with Mike Vick was a bad one. Granted, Byron Leftwich isn't your usual scrap-heap pickup...but the Falcons would have been better off with Shaub.

A big "oops" to Atlanta. Keith Olbermann the worst hypocrite in the world?

I won't even get into politics here—but when Olbermann said that Jets fans who cheered Chad Pennington's injury were "the worst people in the world," he must have forgotten that earlier this year he said, in an appearance on the Dan Patrick Show, "I hope Barry Bonds suffers a career ending injury and never plays again."

Hello pot—this is the kettle. Way to go, Keith. Jay Mariotti the most gutless coward alive?

When Mariotti was in the hospital for an angioplasty, Rex Grossman's father actually sent him flowers—even after all the crap he said about his son last year.

So how does Jay repay the kindness?

Like Keith Olbermann, he wished injury on Rex last week:

"The Bears are in trouble with Dusty Dvorcek and Mike Brown being hurt. They would be better off if Rex Grossman went down for the year."

How nice—you're a real class act, Mariotti. If I were Rex or his father, I'd slap you in the mouth.

Maybe Mariotti and Olbermann will be in a car crash together...then I'd have a nice laugh.


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