The Debate On The WEC Adding Pay Per Views

Tony PrestonCorrespondent IAugust 10, 2009

Reed Harris the General Manager of the WEC has stated that there are plans for the WEC add pay per view events.  There are both pros and cons to this idea of course.

The pros:

First, adding pay per view would generate more revenue for the WEC this could in turn increase the amount of money the fighters make.  Both Urijah Faber and Miguel Torres have expressed dissatisfaction with their current salaries.  If the WEC was taking in money from pay per view fighters could have higher base salaries and have pay per view bonuses as do their counter-parts in the UFC.

Second, there could be a greater availability by adding pay per views since some cable outlets do not carry Versus.

Third, more exposure for fighters if the WEC had a three hour block similar to the UFC.  Currently the WEC is slated for a two hour broadcast on Versus and this means usually only four fights are shown.  A three hour slot would mean more time to add another fight or two and give lower tier fighters more exposure.

The con is the risk of losing viewers.  Some fans may not wanting to start paying to see what they have been viewing for free.  Also some may decide that the cost is not worth what they are seeing.  If the WEC charges fifty dollars like the UFC some may view that as too much for what they consider a lesser product.

If the WEC does add pay per view the fighters will the ones that could be helped the most by the move but the WEC needs to consider how much they should charge to convert people who are used to watching the fights for free into paying customers.