Jamie to The Pen? Wrong Move.

Pat EganCorrespondent IAugust 10, 2009

PHILADELPHIA - OCTOBER 25:  Jamie Moyer #50 of the Philadelphia Phillies tips his cap as he receives a standing ovation from the fans as he comes out of the game in the top of the seventh inning against the Tampa Bay Rays during game three of the 2008 MLB World Series on October 25, 2008 at Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  (Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images)


was just announced that Pedro Martinez will be taking Jamie Moyers spot in the rotation. Pedro will start Wednesday against the Chicago Cubs. I think we all can agree that Jamie has not been very effective this year. But I don’t think that having Jamie Moyer pitch out of the pen for the rest of the year is a good move at all.

Jamie Moyer currently sports a 5.74 ERA. He is 10-9 and actually leads the team in wins. He has been the least effective starting pitcher this year and it looks as though father time has caught up with the ageless wonder. His ERA with RISP is an awful 15.39. He has given up 22 HR's which is good for first on the team with gopher balls given up. So most at first glance would be shocked he is going to the bullpen and not going to free agency. He also has the highest ERA of any starter in the NL

But Jamie is a different case. He’s a horse of a different color. Jamie is probably the most respected person in the clubhouse. This isn’t the first hiccup in his career but it certainly could be the last. He has been released four times in his career and each time has managed to battle back into someone’s starting rotation. But Jamie is the oldest player in major league baseball. So to think that he could battle back into the starting rotation would be a tad bit ignorant on anyone’s part.

So while i agree that Jamie Moyer might be done. I don’t think he should be in the bullpen for one simple fact; intangibles. They are talked about constantly in sports. "The intangibles this guy brings to the clubhouse", "He’s got something you can’t teach and that’s instincts and intangibles." Until you play sports you don’t really understand what the big deals about “intangibles” are. They may sound like something completely made up by the media but I assure you they are very much real and Jamie Moyer posses them.

There are many different kinds of intangibles in sports. Chase Utley has the instincts intangible. He has a 6th sense for the game he plays. And he plays it well. Former Eagle Hugh Douglas had the teammate intangible. While he wasn’t a great player in the end of his career the Eagles kept him around because he was a great guy in the locker room. Mike Richards of the Flyers has the leadership intangible. He sticks up for his guys and while he is a scoring forward he will get in a few scraps to get his point across. Jamie Moyer has all of them and then some

Jamie is said to be a great clubhouse guy. This isn’t a real shocker if you have been to any Phillies game. Here is a guy who, when he isn’t pitching, comes out of the dugout and signs every autograph he can until game time. He has the Moyer foundation where his teammates are more than willing to help out and support. Jamie Moyer is just a great guy in general. A person you would have your kids look up to.

Jamie is also pretty decent instincts. I know that some may disagree with this one because of his current ERA but I will say there is a difference between knowing a situation and knowing what to throw and being able to execute it. And this season he hasn’t been executing it. But Jamie has the instincts. I remember a game where he was playing the Marlins. He threw over to first a good 10 times just to get into the batter, Mike Jacobs, head. It worked. By the time Moyer finally threw the ball to home plate Jacobs was so mad that he swung at the first pitch an popped it up. Moyer knows this game inside and out.

The last thing I will say is the most important. Jamie Moyer is a teacher. I loved the Jamie Moyer signing in the offseason. I even said I was willing to take a loss every 5th day because of the intangibles he brings. Jamie is a teacher. Every time they do a look in of the dugout there’s Jamie. Talking to a young pitcher who is eagerly listening. Jamie has years of knowledge and is more than willing to share it. And that i believe is why he should not be in the bullpen

Jamie cannot teach in the bullpen. The only way he can teach a JA Happ something or a Cole Hamels something is by being in the dugout during the game. Pointing out nuances of the game that most of the times these youngsters wouldn’t pick up. The only way Jamie would be able to teach is by actually pitching in a game out of the bullpen and then going in the dugout when he’s done. But Jamie is another pitching coach and just like Dubee he should be in the dugout when he isn’t pitching NOT in the pen.

Also Jamie isn’t a reliever. He isn’t a flame thrower who can just pump fastballs and then set you up to fail with a devastating changeup. He tops off at 83 (on a good day) and basically throws junk. But Jamie is a guy who needs to face a lineup up and down. Set up the hitters. I read an article that basically said it perfectly. Jamie Moyer is a chess player. While guys out of the pen play checkers. Jamie is a guy thinking 5 batters ahead whereas Relievers think about the guy at the plate.

Now I’m not saying Jamie should be in the rotation still. He shouldn’t. I think the Phillies probably should have come up with some injury and put him on the DL. If you don’t think this happens in sports I will show you a picture of Adam Eaton who was put on the DL many a time in his Phillies career and I think we all know he wasn’t injured.....he just wasn’t any good. Teams do do this. Dontrelle Willis was put on the DL for "anxiety" early on in the year. He wasn’t injured he was like Eaton. Just wasn’t any good. So this does happen in sports.

If the Phillies were to do this to Moyer. To put him on the DL with a phantom injury it would be a win win for everyone. Phillies fans wouldn’t have to worry about Moyer. Because watching Moyer pitch these days is kind of like watching a boxer take a beating who is way past his prime. But this would keep Moyer in the dugout so he could continue to teach these youngsters important tools.