Cup of Joe: The Evil Empire Strikes Back!

Joe GillCorrespondent IIJune 24, 2016

As my buddy has always said, I am a jinx! I wrote my “Not the Apple of My Eye” entry right before the pivotal four game series at Yankee Stadium. I guess I conjured up all of the demons of Red Sox-Yankees Past.

The Boston Massacres of 1978 and 2006. Aaron Boone. Bucky Dent. They all showed their ugly heads as the Sox were swept in a four game series in NY for the first time in 24 years. They were shut out for 31 innings before newly acquired; Victor Martinez hit a 2 run homer in the eighth Sunday night.

It was all for not!  Damon and Teixeira hit back to back homers and the Sox saw their .5 game deficit turn to 6.5 games in a New York minute. The Sox have now lost 6 in a row limping back into Fenway to face the Tigers. Let’s pray for some good ole home cooking!

It seems every year the Sox go through a swoon of some kind. I hope they got it out of their system. Granted, I am not a die hard Sox/baseball fan anymore. Those days were stolen from me on an October night in 1986 against the other NY team.  However, I hate losing to the Yankees and getting swept is like getting kicked in the groin.

There is no doubt the Evil Empire is alive and well. It looks like that the Sox and Yanks will cross light sabers again in the AL East. However, the Sox must forget the Ortiz steroid circus, awaken their bats, and hope someone can step up in the pitching rotation. Beckett and Lester can’t do it themselves!

Remember Sox fans….Darth Vader and the Emperor bought it in the end! As will the Yankees!


Joe Gill is a resident blogger for Boston Sports Then and Now