Ronald LipmanCorrespondent IMay 15, 2008

5/15/08; Starting a new off season means a lot of things to coaches and players; new game plans, new plays, and some essential practice time to develop a rhythm between players.  For the niners this off-season also means getting back on track from the 7-9 season two years ago, forgetting about last year and moving on.  Alex Smith is still the niners number one option at quarter back no matter how many write other wise.  Oh no, he has another new coordinator, yes I know but, now its a proven play caller and not a quarterback coach trying out as a play caller, BIG DIFFERENCE.  A proven mind to call the plays, new receivers, a big time defense is starting to emerge and over all the desperation to prove themselves  There is not one player or coach that doesn't have a chip on there shoulder.  From the obvious like Coach Nolan and Alex Smith, to the new guys like Bruce that is out to show everything but his age.  Bryant Johnson is also out to earn a contract and leave the shadow of those other Arizona guys well, in Arizona.  Patrick Willis, Manny Lawson and Nate Clements trying to rise up and become a more stout and feared defense.  A defense that now has more of a line with Justin Smith and Kentwan Balmer.  Exciting times for a long time niners fan no matter what happened last season.  Faithful... RISE UP!