Colts Defense Preview.

Lucas WeickCorrespondent IAugust 10, 2009

The Colts Defense looks to be much improved from last year. New Defensive Coordinator Larry Coyer will hope to improve the D-line by making it bigger and stronger,than in years past. Coyer at one point was in charge of the Denver Broncos Defense which used to be one of the top defenses in the league.

Defensive Line - The line looks to be much larger on the inside this year, the colts have added Fili Moala, who weighs in at 303 lbs, Terrance Taylor, at 319 lbs, and have brought back Ed Johnson who had 41 tackles in his rookie year but was released last season for drug possesion. The ends will remain the same with the two probowlers Dwight Freeney and Robert Mathis returning. I think the Colts will be much better against the run and will continue to put lots of pressure on the opposing QB.

Linebackers - Not much change here, Gary Bracket seems to be back from his injury and Freddy Keiaho, who led the Colts in tackles last year, was resigned. The other position will probably be a revolving door this season, as their is no clear cut favorite, but Clint Session or Tyjuan Hagler will be getting most of the time. I think the linebackers will do a good job this year because of the lines improvement, basicaly they won't have to stop the run as much.

Cornerbacks - The colts gave Kelvin Hayden a major deal this off season to bring him back. Marlin Jackson will be back after missing most of last season with a hampering knee injury. I believe the corners will do a good job this year.

Safeties - The big question mark, Bob Sanders, entire healthy season, who knows, but the Colts have a very good sub in place if he isn't with Melvin Bullitt. Atoine Bethea puts in solid performances year in and year out, look for him to continue that in 2009. If Bob is healthy the Colts are a great defense, if he isn't, the Defense is OK.

Overall look for improvement against the run and a solid all around Defensive unit.

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