A Bracket To Decide the Greatest Rivalry in All of Sports: Round One

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A Bracket To Decide the Greatest Rivalry in All of Sports: Round One
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Hey, this is Svyato Rovenchuk with a new article.

A few nights ago, I had a question and the question was, "What is the greatest rivalry in all of sports history?"

Well, I'm looking for the answer. The only thing I ask before we start is for communities like football, baseball, etc. not to trash communities which they believe are below them (no offense intended). Anyway, let's start.

Bracket 1

1) Calgary Flames/Edmonton Oilers (Hockey)


2) Chris Jericho/Shawn Michaels (Pro Wrestling)

Bracket 2

1) N.Y. Yankees/Boston Red Sox (Baseball)


2) Rafael Nadal/Roger Federer (Tennis)

Bracket 3

1) Toronto Maple Leafs/Montreal Canadiens (Hockey)


2) Liverpool/Chelsea (Soccer)

Bracket 4

1) Real Madrid/Barcelona (Soccer)


2) Chicago White Sox/Chicago Cubs (Baseball)

Bracket 5

1) Triple H/Shawn Michaels (Pro Wrestling)


2) Chicago Cubs/St. Louis Cardinals (Baseball)

Bracket 6

1) Green Bay Packers/Minnesota Vikings (Football)


2) Boston Celtics/Los Angeles Lakers (Basketball)

Bracket 7

1) Denver Broncos/Oakland Raiders (Football)


2) Phoenix Suns/Los Angeles Lakers (Basketball)

Bracket 8

1) Houston Rockets/San Antonio Spurs (Basketball)


2) Calgary Flames/Vancouver Canucks (Hockey)

Bracket 9

1) Pete Sampras/Andre Agassi (Tennis)


2) Montreal Canadiens/Boston Bruins (Hockey)

Bracket 10

1) N.Y. Giants/Philadelphia Eagles (Football)


2) Boston Celtics/Philadelphia 76ers (Basketball)

Bracket 11

1) Germany/Italy (Soccer)


2) Canada/Russia (Hockey)

Bracket 12

1) Chicago Bears/Green Bay Packers (Football)


2) Samoa Joe/Kurt Angle (Pro Wrestling)

Bracket 13

1) Chicago Bulls/Detroit Pistons (Basketball)


2) Dallas Cowboys/Washington Redskins (Football)

Bracket 14

1) AC Milan/Inter Milan (Soccer)


2) L.A. Dodgers/ N.Y. Yankees (Baseball)

Bracket 15

1) Bret Hart/Shawn Michaels (Pro Wrestling)


2) Detroit Red Wings/Colorado Avalanche (Hockey)

Bracket 16

Write-In Vote. You may vote for any great rivalry you may feel I missed.

Note: Big thanks to Adam Testa, who helped me get some of these rivalries on here.

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