FIFA problem: Protesting Rangers Rumble after UEFA Cup Final

Brazilian Football by SBSenior Analyst IMay 15, 2008

In what must be deemed yet another sad display of unsporting behaviour, Rangers fans took to the streets last night in a rage after being soundly defeated by Russia's Zenit.

Having lost the UEFA Cup final against the Russians, violence was once again the order of the day as Rangers fans rumbled and attacked Zenit fans and just about anything in their way in acts of hooliganism.

There were rough tackles coming to the end of the match which saw Zenit winning 2-0 and dominating most of the play.

This perhaps set the tone of what was to come off the field as fans quickly transformed into that which we most fear in football and sport in general.

There have been reports of stabbings and injuries of a more serious kind. One wonders if it is worth it carrying on in this way. Football has gotten out of hand in the past decades and this phenomenon is not isolated to Rangers or Britain, as it occurs in all parts of the globe.

The question is what is to be done?

We must also ask how far will this go?

We are yet to see the aftermath of last night's hooliganism but if people die it would not be the first time also, sadly to say.