InReview - Week 18

Right Field BleachersCorrespondent IAugust 10, 2009

Weekly Record: 3-3

Current Record: 55-56


  • Winning the series against the Dodgers…it just amazes me that no matter who you bring in, the team can lose a series against teams they are supposed to beat and win a series that they’re probably not expected to win
  • Felipe Lopez getting on base, the bottom half of the lineup getting some hitting in, and of course, Ryan Braun and Prince Fielder
  • Manny Parra with a strong week and looking confident
  • The starters went deep this week!


  • Losing the series against the Astros and now falling even with them for 3rd and fell 6 games out of the Central Race
  • I can’t stand Jose Valverde
  • I loved the 12 runs one night, but 4 hits the next day?
  • 4-17 with Yovani on the mound is inexcusable
  • DiFelice is tired…the same day that was revealed, the Brewers went out and got Old Man Weathers…hmm…

This Week in Stats

Weekly ERA: 6.18  (29th in the ML)                                     YTD: 4.81 (27th in the ML)
Weekly BA: .268 (17th in the ML)                                         YTD: .258 (21st in the ML)
Weekly Opponents BA: .293 (23rd in the ML)                 YTD: .265 (19th in the ML)
Weekly Slugging Percentage: .352 (27th in the ML)     YTD: .419 (13th in the ML)
Weekly Fielding Percentage: .987  (7th in the ML)      YTD: .985 (11th in the ML)

Quick Hitters:

Jason Kendall was about 113 games and 379 AB’s in between home runs

The Brewer starters with the longest current HR drought are JJ Hardy (58 AB’s since a home run) and Felipe Lopez (94 AB’s since a home run)

Even though the Brewers have given up a lot of home runs in Minute Maid Park (13, the most in any visiting park), they have an ERA of 3.65 this year and over the past three years only have an ERA of about 3.96

So where have Brewer pitchers done the best at the past three years? Turner Field: an ERA of about 2.87

As you can see from the Year to Date stats, the Brewers haven’t been setting the world on fire offensively or pitching-wise. Looking at the numbers, it kind of amazing they’re still in it. Here are some more head scratchers I found:

Brewers pitching have given up 149 Home Runs this year..that’s the highest in all of Major League Baseball

The Brewers pitchers are 2nd highest in walks given per nine innings behind only the Mets and have given up the 4th most total walks

The Brewers have struck out 854 times, 5th most in the league

The Brewers have stolen 40 bases, tied with the Cubs for least in the league

The only good offensive categories the Brewers are in the top 10 right now are third in the league in being hit by the pitch, 8th in the league in walks, and 9th in the league in Sac Flies

The good pitching categories the Brewers are in the top 10 are 5th in shutouts (tied with 9 other teams), 5th in saves, and are the only team in the league not to give up a balk.

I don’t mean to be a huge downer, but the team is better than this