Paul BaronnerContributor IAugust 10, 2009

While many people complain/worry about the Pirates current state, I for one just laugh. Everything the front office has done, makes them crazy like a fox. Going the whole way back to the hiring of Frank Coonley, who created the slotting system for the draft ( and who now circumvents it ), to the dismantling of the major league team for prospects. 

Isn't it obvious. Bob Nutting hired Frank Coonley to use MLB's rules against MLB, much in the way a car insurance company hires a car thief to show them how to stop a car thief. Now I don't want to compare them to thieves, but. O well, alright ,they are thieves, (actually they're pirates) stealing draft picks. How, by drafting high school players lower   ( because they have scholarships ) than they would normally be drafted, and then overpaying them ( according to slot ) in order to get them to sign. We're spending (on minor leaguers at least) like the Yankees.              

The latest thing I have noticed is because of all the trades, we are losing like crazy. So how can this be good? Maybe, just maybe we get the top pick in the draft. And if he's a can't miss prospect and is ready in a year or so, that will coincide with the development of all the prospects we traded for. Crazy like a fox I tell you. As for all you naysayers, I'll see you on the bandwagon.