Superstars Who Really Need a New Theme: The Final Chapter

Adnan AhmedContributor IAugust 9, 2009

This is the final chapter in the Superstars Who Really Need a New Theme articles, so let's get straight to it. Shall we?

Big Show:If the WWE wants to establish him as a giant or monster, they should really change his theme.

If I was new to WWE and the Big Show, I would judge by his theme that he was a face, but after seeing all the heel antics I'd be like, WTF? And the Jeri-Show theme is not doing him favours either.

Suited Theme: Hunt You Down by Saliva. It would be perfect seeing that he would hunt down every one who wouldn't bow down to him and make them.


Finlay: What happened to the Fighing Irishman and the Belfast Brawler. His new theme does not fit any of those monickers. His theme makes him sound like a Leprechaun or something. Nuff said.

Suited Theme: His old theme


That's all for this one folks I hope you enjoyed these articles.