Ohio State Football: Can the Buckeyes Reach a Third Straight Title Game?

RyanCorrespondent IMay 15, 2008

I am finally back, I am currently deployed to Afghanistan and have not had the time to write. I was sitting here watching a copy of the Scarlet and Gray game and couldn't help but think about B/R.

I have been known to bring havoc on this site with my articles on the Buckeyes and how they are the team of the decade. Yes, I said it. Despite losses in back-to-back national championship games, the Bucks are poised for a third straight title game.

I know this will cause a shockwave across SEC country and pretty much everywhere else in the nation. It's not the Buckeyes fault that the rest of the teams couldn't close the deal.

We were supposed to be rebuilding and instead we found ourselves back in the title game. We had to play against a senior-led team and a damn good one at that. All the best to LSU and their fans, but 2008 is the year of Buckeye Nation.

I know, start your comments here with me. I am a big boy and can take it. If you are a true college fan, though, you can't deny the Buckeyes are coming and they aren't taking any prisoners.

This year, the non-conference schedule is much better, with a Week Three matchup against the darlings of college football. I believe this to be the most important game of 2008. You take the two best teams over the past 10 years ad match them up, with the winner being in the driver's seat to Miami.

It's hard to argue that the Bucks, after losing only Vernon Gholston, will be the team for 2008. I know many people see Georgia as the number 1, but to me they still have a lot to prove on the national level. Remember Bulldogs it was just Hawaii.

My top 5 going into 2008 would be 1. Ohio State 2. Georgia 3. USC 4. Oklahoma 5. West Virginia. Then I would have a mix of teams including Florida. Don't think I forgot you Gators, even though you have a used car salesman at coach.

Now, before I part to going back to making the world a safer place let me say this, Michigan, I never really liked you before but I respected you. Now you have an absolute snake at coach who is disloyal, and above all doesn't even respect the game. He is going to be the downfall of your program, so I will give you an early prediction on our yearly slugfest: Ohio State 1,000, Michigan 0.

Good luck to all the rest of the college football teams and for you Michigan, GO BLOW!!