Jericho's Brief Face Turn

Matthew HesterSenior Writer IAugust 9, 2009


Hello everyone. As always, thanks for spending a few minutes with me today.

For the last year or so, us Jerichoholics have been called everything from hypocrites to liars, and even parasites. Thank god for Jericho, otherwise I wouldn't have known better, lol.

I am happy to report for the first time in a long time, we are able to call ourselves Jerichoholics again. I know you all may find this hard to believe but my friends it is true.

At a recent house show in Canada, Jericho came out and fought CM Punk for his number 1 contendership in a match. Here is the kicker though, he came out as a face. The fans were not to sure how to react at first when he came out.

Jericho announced to the crowd that he was down with them, and that they can call him Y2J. I know it was only a house show so I wont get to crazy about what happened.

It is refreshing to hear that he still does face appearances, even if it is all the way in Canada where he is most likely to do it. Who knows maybe this might be a sign of things to come.

At least I can say for a brief 15 minutes or so that I was not a lying parasite, lol.

In case you were wondering, Jericho lost the match on a roll up pin after Punk reversed his walls. It is after all still a house show we cant expect miracles.

I just thought some of the Jerichoholics out there might find this interesting.

As always, have a safe and blessed day.