Anderson Silva Dominates, Silencing Critics.

Ken FossAnalyst IAugust 9, 2009

On a night of decisions, Anderson Silva proves once and possibly for all he's the finest fighter the UFC has to offer.

In Philadelphia tonight UFC 101's moniker "Declaration" was justified in 3:23 seconds in a memorable round in the Wachovia Center.

As the fight began, it was immediately clear Forrest Griffin knew what he was facing, the Original Ultimate Fighter, and former UFC Light-Heavyweight champion couldn't add any more drama to his storied UFC career. 

One minute into the opening round the only action came in the form of an attempted high kick from Forrest, one that the Middleweight Champion was every bit equal too.

The end drew nearer, and Forrest started to accept his fate, resorting to his brawling style. Stalking his prey the Spider would seize the moment with a series of short economic punches that continually disheartened, the former champ at every turn.

Forrest tried to hang on willing himself to find a way, and he went out exactly the way we all invisioned he would.


The more Anderson picked him apart the more Forrest tried in vein to answer, out on his feet, put to the canvas multiple times, he refused to stop swinging until the slender Brazilian finished the fight.

And thats exactly what he did.

With a pawing right hook to the chin Forrest hit the canvas arms extended frozen in time.

Reminiscent of John Matua at UFC 6, only there was no hulking mass of humanity winding up like he was trying to kill somebody, only a pawing right hook, from an unassuming, lanky Brazilian. 

As the crowd sat stunned, the murcurial one circled the cage like a child who had invisioned himself winning the world cup...

It almost didn't seem like it was real, as a series of boos rained down from the Philadelphia crowd...

Forrest rose from his slumber, he headed for the backstage area in a flash, hecklers taunted and consoled, as we all knew what he was running away from...

A monster was born, or rather reaffirimed, in that cage at 11:55 p.m.... One with such aura he can break the will of the most beloved of pugilist.

Forrest Griffin confronted his worst fear in the octagon last night. He was broken, then beaten in-front of his adoring fans,  Griffin's charm was stripped away leaving behind an image that will be seared into my consciousness forever.

This may not be the end for Forrest Griffin, but you have to ask if this is the beginning.

Anderson Silva's past seems almost irrelevent now.

The question is... who can stop this man, or can we even describe him as man any longer?