Bronx Brawl Part III.

Lucas WeickCorrespondent IAugust 8, 2009

Yankees dominate Bosox in the Bronx, with their second consecutive shutout of the Beantown Rivals. It was not pretty though as A-Rod was thrown at high twice and hit once, Tex was also thrown at up high as well.

CC pitched a gem and seems to be in elite form. Throwing 7 and two thirds scoreless baseball while racking up 9 K's and 2 walks giving up just 2 hits.

Bullpen came in as Hughes finished off the 8th and Robertson the 9th striking out Big Papi to end the game.

Jeter provided an insurance 2 run homer, his 12th, but all the bombers really needed was Teixeira's RBI single which scored the 1st run.

"Ball Game Over, Yankees Win, Theeeeeeeeee Yankees Win", I couldn't have said it better myself John Sterling. When Frank Sinatra is singing on the loud speaker you know it's been a great day.

Andy Pettitte on the mound tomarrow opposite Lester, should be a good one catch it on ESPN at 8:05.