USCandal: DeRozan to Opt Out?

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USCandal: DeRozan to Opt Out?
McDonald's Dunk Champion?...More like In-N-Out. When DeMar DeRozan signed his leter of intent with USC, the Trojans should have shouted "No take backs!" Now there's word out that next season's prized basketball recruit, DeRozan, is having second thoughts about becoming a Trojan. The reason: the OJ Mayo scandal. As reported by the LA Times, DeRozan might change his college choice if USC is punished with post-season sanctions from the NCAA. "This is a good wake-up call," Jermaine DeRozan, DeMar's half-brother, said. "I'm just hoping SC doesn't get put on probation [If it does], I would get . . . out of there." If the allegations are proven true, and it is determined that USC knew of Mayo's shady dealings, than USC can be docked scholarships as well as a shot at the post-season madness. And what's the point of playing ball if you can't get a shot come March? Further proof that USC needs to get a handle on its payola problem, before it bites them square in the ass.

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