Yankee Fans: True Fans?

Joey D'AndreContributor IAugust 8, 2009

Man, it must be easy to be a Yankee fan, or should I say Yankee follower. The Yankees don't have real fans.

A real fan is someone who sticks with their team through the hard times, through losing seasons when it seems you are years away from going back to a winning team.

Every year, the Yankees are winners. Each year buying the best players on the market, giving them ungodly money, and every year they are expected to win.

The pleasure of being a real fan is sticking with your team. When you're finally holding up that trophy it feels oh so good. You know you were there with your team through the good and the bad, stuck with them and always kept your faith.

When the Yankees hold that trophy, there is little to be proud of. You have overpaid roid heads holding up that trophy claiming they over came all odds.

I will say it again, the true beauty of being fan is staying with it always, loving your team, and having that same feeling the players have of being so proud of what you and the team have accomplished. You've overcome odds, had unexpected, unbelievable performances from players rejuvenating your team.

I'm writing this article, not to disrespect long time Yankee fans who have been through the hard times of the 80's and early 90's, but I'm adressing this to the new, young breed of Yankee fans who hop on the band wagon because the Yankees are good every year and go out and buy the best players on the market. I just want those people to realize what it is like to stick with a team even if they're bad.

This is just something I want to put out there. You may not agree with me and that's fine, but I wanna hear what you think.