When It Comes to Robby Gordon "You Can't Fix Stupid" Says Joey Logano

Kelly CrandallSenior Writer IAugust 8, 2009

MARTINSVILLE, VA - MARCH 28: Robby Gordon, driver of the #7 Toyota, stands in the garage area during practice for the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Goody's Fast Pain Relief 500 at the Martinsville Speedway on March 28, 2009 in Martinsville, Virginia.  (Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images for NASCAR)

It's finally reached a point where Robby Gordon's anger issues are affecting NASCAR. 

Gordon is no stranger to controversy or from hiding his emotions, but after his actions Saturday during the Nationwide Series race at Watkins Glen, it should be time that NASCAR has a come to Jesus meeting with him.

There is no video evidence that Joey Logano raced Robby Gordon the wrong way except for the fact he was going to pass him. Gordon wasn't going to let that happen and first decided to run Logano all the way to the inside of the racetrack going down the frontstetch. 

When they entered turn one, Gordon hit the left rear quarterpanel of the No. 20 car and then knocked doors with him when they went through the bus stop. It wasn't over though, because coming out of the bus stop Gordon sent Logano all the way off the track and into the tire barriers.

The No. 20 car hit the tires and then caught on fire. 

Logano said it wasn't cool that Gordon wrecked him under the caution, another car had spun at the same time they were tangling, and said that "You can't fix stupid, it's forever." 

In the case of Robby Gordon that certainly isn't an unfair statement. 

Gordon has wrecked drivers on pit road (Dale Earnhardt Jr.), called a driver a piece of sh*t on national television (Michael Waltrip), thrown helmets, and has publicly stated over the radio almost every week that he was going to wreck someone. 

In 2002 at Bristol he pile drove Jimmie Johnson and claimed he did no wrong and also say that he will wreck David Stremme sometime in the future for their incident at Pocono last weekend.

He backs up everything he says and it doesn't seem to bother him that he's putting people's lives on the line because he's mad that they're beating him or racing him too hard.

There is hardly a race that goes by when Gordon doesn't have damage on his car because he had hit someone or wrecked himself trying. And he wonders why he has no sponsors or had to start his own team?

Here's a hint to good business Robby, don't act like a two year old and learn to keep your car in one piece and maybe sponsors and team owners will keep you around. You can't go off the deep end every time you feel someone has done you wrong or because you haven't won in six years. 

Gordon makes Kyle Busch's temper tantrums look like mild and well mannered. Busch may ruffle some feathers and bump a few fenders but Gordon takes it entirely too far and wrecks people. There hasn't been anyone in the history of NASCAR that can't control themselves or control their anger issues like Gordon over the years. 

And that's what it is, anger issues, he's not just upset that he was done wrong but he is flat out dangerous to himself and others. 

Gordon's version of events says that Logano hit him first and doesn't know how to pass clean, once again passing off any wrong doing and not making it impossible to believe coming someone that has a history of not racing anyone clean. 

NASCAR gave Gordon the free pass even though he caused the caution that sent Logano into the tire barriers and on fire. Logano had to stop on the racetrack and get out of his car.

The question becomes now, how much longer will NASCAR give Robby Gordon a free pass to act out of control child and ruin not only another drivers day, but their life.

Let's be honest, if Gordon keeps racing like this which he will again on Sunday, and if he sends another car crashing and then on fire like today, someone is going to get hurt. Is that what's it's gonna take before Gordon learns to act like a professional and take it like a man?

I hear the anger management class NASCAR sent Tony Stewart to works really well...