Against The Grain: UFC 101: A Night Of Upsets

Adam VanOrmerContributor IAugust 8, 2009

8/08/2009 - 3.5 Hours Before UFC 101

The "City of Brotherly Love" will play host tonight to several matchup that will be defined by anything and everything but love.

Don't put your money on the safe bets, though. I believe we will see not one, but two upset that will shock the pundits and fans alike.

Kenny Florian has matured unlike like any other fighter active today. Mentally he is confident and will not be broken in the ring. BJ's boxing is better but I believe that, as long as he keeps the fight on the outside, Florian will have the advantage in the standup game due to his muay thai.

And, while there are very few who would say that Kenny Florian has a better ground game than BJ Penn, I think we will all be surprised at how Florian fairs. He's been extremely impressive with his wrestling and BJJ of late, but I think he's a notch above even what his fans think. "KenFlo" will pull off the shocker tonight and leave the Wachovia Center the UFC Lightweight Champion of the World.

The only other fight that I will mention in this short address is, of course, Silva vs. Griffin. Many will think this is ridiculous, but that makes it all the more fun to write.

Griffin needs to push this fight, be aggressive (which is his nature) and yes, engage the deadly clich-game of Anderson Silva.

I can hear the gasps now.

Forrest has to get his hands on Anderson Silva. If Griffin allows "The Spider" to maintain distance and keep this fight on the feet, Silva wins. I don't believe Forrest will let him do that. It's more likely that, as Silva has said he expects, Griffin will be looking to get the fight to the mat. There, he can use his strength and employ the grounding and pounding that will ultimately win this fight for him.

Don't bet the safe bets tonight.     

Until next time,

Adam VanOrmer