Utah's Trevor Booker Taps Ball in off Bounce Pass with 0.2 Seconds on Shot Clock

Kyle NewportFeatured ColumnistJanuary 9, 2015


With only two-tenths of a second left on the shot clock, Utah Jazz forward Trevor Booker got creative and hit one of the quirkiest shots in NBA history on Friday night against the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Utah's Gordon Hayward threw Booker a bounce pass on the inbounds play, and Booker did the rest. Booker used a quick touch—with his back to the basket—to get a shot off. 

Crazily, the "tap shot" went in.

A shot like that is crazy enough to bring out the MJ shrug:

Thunder point guard Russell Westbrook just stood there in disbelief. It's not like he could have done anything to stop Booker. There's really no defense for that shot.

If the Jazz ever need a buzzer-beating shot to win a game, Booker deserves some serious consideration to be the one to take it.

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