The Promo the WWE Should Allow Randy Orton to Cut on John Cena But Won't

Ryan MichaelSenior Writer IIIAugust 8, 2009

The crowd stands on its feet, electric after being brought to life by the opening pyrotechnics. To further feed their thirst for excitement, John Cena's music hits as he makes his way to the ring.

John Cena picks up the microphone and says the following...


"Judging by the reaction of this crowd, I think that it is safe to say that we are all excited to be here! I know that I'm excited, I'm pumped, and I'm ready to get fired up!

But with as excited as I am ladies and gentlemen, I've come to you tonight with a serious message.

You see, in two weeks I will be facing Randy Orton for the WWE Championship at Summerslam.

That is, if he can manage to let his children stay out of the way long enough for him to wrestle an entire match.

Now I know that a lot of you people might not like Randy Orton but that's okay, you don't have to like him. You don't have to buy his T-shirts, not that many of you do anyway, but you do have to respect Randy Orton.

You have to respect a guy who makes a lot of money, not through merchandise sales mind you, but makes a lot of money, gets to be on national television every week, gets to hang out with a locker-room full of divas, but still manages to find a reason to remain angry.

Now I know that you are all aware that Randy has something of a temper problem..."


Randy Orton's music hits as he walks to the stage above the ramp alone with the WWE Championship over his shoulder and a mic in his hand.

Before speaking, Orton stares down John Cena with that "Viper-like" look.

He has the same look in his eye that he did the night after he lost the WWE Championship to Batista just before he and Legacy took "The Animal" out of commission.

He holds the mic up to his face but pauses for just a moment as his anger appears to prevent him from speaking just yet, but he gathers himself just enough to speak and says the following...



I am so sick and tired of having to listen to you come out here and do nothing but run your mouth.

It's pathetic, Cena.

It's pathetic to see you come out here every week and try to find a way to suck up to these ingrates.

There is a reason, Cena, a reason why despite how many T-shirts you might sell and despite how funny people may think you are, I am the one standing with the WWE Championship over my shoulder, not you.

They might think it's funny for you to come out here and make a few jokes at my expense but I think it's funny to come out every week and see a guy who calls himself "The Champ" continue to have absolutely nothing to show for it.

But I guess that's your problem, isn't it, Cena.

You might have desire and you might have passion but the difference between me and you is that we are respected for different things.

You are respected for what you do outside of the ring.

You are respected for being an entertainer but I Cena, I am respected for what I do in the ring.

I would suggest that you get your head on straight if you have any intention of beating me at Summerslam."

Cena responds...

"Don't think that I'm not taking you seriously, Randy.

Because beyond all of the fun and games that you know I like to have when I come out here, you know better than anyone what I can do when I'm in that ring..."


Orton interrupts...

"Let me cut you off right there Cena.

Did I hear you correctly? What you can do in that ring?

I think you've taken one too many blows to the skull, Cena, because if memory serves me correctly, you have not beaten me in over two years.

Sure there have been some run-ins, disqualifications, but when it has come down to you and me, it is I who have your number.

You see, you may have once been "The Champ" but that was a long time ago, Cena.

You wanted to know what makes me so angry. Is it really hard to figure out?

Let me take you back two years.

Month after month, I saw you become part of this corporate machine known as the WWE, getting opportunities handed to you and seeing you come out on top regardless of who you faced or how much more talented they were then you.

You would have guys who would put their heart and soul into matches and be all but forgotten.

Meanwhile I see a guy like you run around with the WWE Championship making a mockery of this business.

There's a reason why this championship doesn't spin anymore Cena.

Your time, your days of being on top have long since passed; you and I find it rather pathetic to see you try week in and week out to be Randy Orton."


Cena responds...

"You know, I know that your music says that you hear voices in your head but I have got to say that you must be taking your insanity to a new level.

You think that I want to be like you?

The difference between you and I Randy is that..."


Orton interrupts...

"The difference, Cena, is that I succeed where you fail.

You've made it your mission in life to get these people to love you yet each and every time you step out here, you get booed for doing it.

And despite how much these people might not like me sometimes; you will hear them chanting my name because they have no other choice but to respect the greatness that stands before them.

You talk about Legacy and act is if I need them for my protection.

Trust me Cena, you would rather have Cody and Ted beating on you than me.

Do you remember what happens when I'm left to beat on people by myself?

I kicked your old man in the skull, kicked your head in more times than I can count, and tore your pectoral muscle right off your bone.

So don't come out here and try to make it seem as if I need help to deal with you.

You are going to see exactly what I am capable of in two weeks.

At Summerslam, you are going to lose, Cena.

And that's not arrogance, it's destiny."



Please be aware that the above scripted promo is 100% fictitious. In no way do I endorse any of the comments or views presented in the promo. Randy Orton portrays a villainous character on television, therefore the promos he cuts are going to represent an attitude and beliefs of a bad-guy.

I do not intend for any of the content presented in the promo to be taken seriously as I view the content as being similar to what a villain would portray in film or on television.

In no way do the attitudes and beliefs expressed in the promo reflect how I would feel about any real-life situation.

Thank you for your understanding.


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