Was Fedor's Contract With Strikeforce Helped By EA Sports?

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Was Fedor's Contract With Strikeforce Helped By EA Sports?

So here is my theory on why Fedor Emelianenko declined to sign for Dana White and the UFC. I reiterate this is only a theory and may not be true but it would make sense if it did happen.

So here's the plan, EA sports is set to release an MMA video game later on this year to rival THQ's video game UFC 2009: Undisputed. EA Sports however has no official league or MMA organisation that they can get big name fighters from as the best big name fighters not currently in the UFC are scattered across the MMA scene in various organizations such as WEC, Strikeforce, Bellator, Pride and K1.

So if EA sports is to make MMA®  a success it needs a widely recognized cover fighter, right? This is where Fedor comes in. Say that the UFC made its big money offer to Fedor and he went back to Russia to discuss with his partners, agents etc.. then he gets a call from EA sports who are desperately looking for a MMA fighter, not in the UFC to be the cover athlete of their new video game. After a lengthy discussion and deliberation coming to a decision, EA sports then makes Fedor and his people a big money offer, more than what the UFC was willing to give him, to not join the UFC.

EA sports tells Fedor that if he decides not to join the UFC he will earn millions from the success of EA sports MMA video game and that he will be a world wide recognized athlete and will continue to gather publicity from the video games and his continued domination of the MMA heavyweight division.

Fedor obliges and tells Dana White and the Fertita's that he will not be joining the UFC and has instead decided to join Strikeforce.

Soon after EA sports announces Fedor Emelianenko as the headlining athlete on their roster.

I'm not saying that this actually happened but it could well have been the reason that Fedor declined to join the UFC and go up against the 'best' heavyweight fighters in MMA and have a guaranteed title shot against reigning champ Brock Lesnar.

So, what do you make of this theory? Is is plausible?

Thanks for reading and please leave your comments below.

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