Pats Fans Beware: Steeler Troll Hole

Andrew CahillSenior Analyst IAugust 8, 2009

22 Jan 1996:  Pittsburgh Steelers fans Bryan Jarvis and Sean Kincaid of Indiana show their support while they wait for the arrival of the Steeler players at Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport in Phoenix, Arizona.  The Steelers were arriving for their January 28 g

They threw me in a hole,

Threw down a rabid Steeler troll.

It plucked away my eyes,

I thought no one heard my cries,

I started screaming "WHY?"

Then not so much to my surprise,

some a-hole screamed out: "Cheater, DIE!"


This is a weak joke of a poem, but if you fancy yourself some kind of "poet," just shut up.