The Edge: Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Boston Celtics

Josh BContributor IJune 24, 2016

Celtics - A really great team, or are they? They showed in the beginning of the season how dominant they could be, but as they reach the playoffs they aren't showing us that hard nose kind of play until it is almost too late. Is it because the Celtics are overrated? Or are the Cavs really that good?


Cavaliers - Also a solid team with a decent record. Are they really as good as they appear, or is the hype of LBJ pumping them up in the playoffs? They showed us in the season that they could be a playoff team, but did anyone figure they would go this far?


LeBron James - No doubt a good player, with his good ball handling, dunking, and great ability to play under pressure. He displays his talent well within the season but when he gets into the playoffs he fails to get his teammates involved thinking that he has to be the hero. Lebron would be a much better player if he would learn to trust his teammates much like Kobe Bryant has learned to do and a major play in why he finally won the MVP.


The Three Amigos - Kevin Garnett, Ray Allen, and Paul Pierce are a force to be reckoned with. Three great players one great team and they are just as good alone as they are as teammates. The trifecta went (8-0) until the Orlando Magic defeated them 104-102 to end their undefeated streak. After ending the season with the record of (66-16), the Celtics and the Three Amigos are on their way to the NBA finals.


Bottom Line - Boston will pull out the series win over the Cavs much like they did against Atlanta and move on to the NBA finals after winning the conference finals in four games. However the greatness will subside, similar to what happened to the Patriots, as the Lakers win the championship and Kobe gets his fourth ring.