Top 10 Things To Watch in The NFL 09

alberto torresContributor IAugust 7, 2009

Hey All sports fans are invited for this one i want you to list me the top 10 things you can expect from the NFL teams anyone that you Can choose, lets make this Friday a fun Friday as we get ready for some NFL preseason football games that are fast approaching so with out further a due here are my top 10 things to watch in the NFL:

1) The Raiders will go 7-9

2) The Cards will not make the playoffs

3) The 49ers will have 9 or more wins(9 best estimate)

4) Brian Westbrook will be playing a healthy 16 Games this season

5) Detroit lions under Matt Stafford will go 5-11

6) Tom Brady will lead the Patriots to a 13-3 Standings( but lose in the AFC)

7) The Chargers will make it to the Superbowl (12-4)

8) Denver will end up 4th place.

9) D. Mcnabb will have a Probowl Yr.(12-4)

10) Dallas Cowboys will win a playoff game ( hate me later but its bound to happen, they lose to philly in the divisional cuz eagles face Chargers in Superbowl and Win the sb) go eaglessss Criticize all you want this is for fun but give me your top ten predictions