Paul Maurice Fired: Who Will Coach Next for Maple Leafs?

AJ JarnickiCorrespondent IMay 14, 2008

So, Paul Maurice was fired this past week and a reporter at the news conference said it pretty well. Technically, they have no captain, no coach and no GM. Time to panic? Well, first off, I liked Paul Maurice. I thought he was a good coach. Toronto's record in no way says what he can do as a coach. Toronto just is a bad team right now. It's Mats Sundin (who might not be back) and then...yeah.

But, getting away from that? Who is out there to fill the Leafs' void. Ron Wilson, Joel Quennville and Greg Gilbert (to me) are the three front runners. A coach I would like is one that motivates their players, makes them play to their greatest potential all year, something Maurice didn't do, and pretty much just wins. Ron Wilson, I believe is the best man for the job. He has kept a contender in San Jose, and they did the best they have done in a long time, second in the conference. For a while they have stunk in the playoffs, but I guess Ron Wilson is a good Regular Season coach, something the Leafs need.

In terms of leadership, this team has it in Mats Sundin. BUT, if he retires, Toronto is in trouble. They need to get a young leader. A couple Toronto could draft are Mikkel Boedker and Cody Hodgson. Both are very talented and both could the captain in a couple of years.

The next GM should be Brian Burke. Wait a year, then entice him to come to Toronto. Cliff Fletcher can hold on for one more year, then get Burke. Nonis is a stiff. Toronto should not at all try to get him. What did he do? Trade for Luongo. One good move. That's it. They went from third to ninth in one year. Don't sign up Nonis. It will be a bad move.

As for Paul Maurice, I think he could be in Colorado, or in the AHL somewhere.

Anyways, for the rest of the playoffs, go Sid the Kid and the Pens, and till next time, cheers!