Collin ZankerContributor IAugust 7, 2009

ENGLEWOOD, CO - JUNE 12:  Running back Peyton Hillis #22 of the Denver Broncos warms up during minicamp practice at the Broncos Dove Valley training facility on June 12, 2009 in Englewood, Colorado.  (Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images)

I will post ,y whole review later this is just a little preview
#1 SD Rivers: Obviously
#2 DEN Orton: Don’t call me a homer thisis only because cassel could be the product of the system and Russel is still too young to know. Orton has the record to prove he can be a QB in the NFL but could easily be 3 or 4 on this list also
#3 KC Cassel: Matt "White" Cassel had a great year but in a great systemlets see whats happens without the Pats first
#4 OAK Russel: He is just unproven so far

#1 DEN *with BMarsh* I don’t think anyone can argue with Marsh, Royal, And Stokley plus some good additions in the offseason including a big upside idraft picks and Gaffney. Lots of potential for them especially with McD. Without Mars we are number 3 or 4 yes he is that good

#2 SD Will Chambers stay strong? IMO yes. Is Jackson ready for the spot light?yes. Will Floyd come into his own at WR? maybe. Cargers seem thin at WR but still seem to have a great corp. They are easily 1 if the Broncos don’t have Brandoon.

#3 KC Bowe is all i need to say becasue who else do they have an aging Engram? But Bowe is fricking sick if Cassel delivers Bowe could have a great year. Bowe is a force to be reconed with in the NFL for the long and bright future he has in the NFL.

#4 OAK don’t be pissed at me for me ranking you last in the 1st 2 you get some good things coming. With Javon having ? marks after surgery and all the time off. Plus a former KC reciever being 2 IMO in Parker and DHB being too young to most likely make an impact. Once again though this dependson the play of the QB, and how these guys develop

#1 OAK: Told ya you didn’t have to wait long for this obviously the class of the division. Nadi is just plain sick and hasprettty much taken over as thet corner in the NFL IMO.

#2 SD: Cromartie and Cason are a great combination especially when you consider the PTS possible from each of them on a given play. IT is scary what these guys could do when the pressure gets to the QB and it forces the opposing QB to make a bad pass.

#3 DEN Champ need I say more that it all we hace as of now but there is some upside for them with the draft picks.

#4 KC Not proven but potential move on.


#1 SD LT, , Sproils, bennet hopefully LT has a comeback for chargers fans for anyother team we hope they don’t.

#2 KC I actually see LJ having a great season especially since I have the feeling he will be running the ball more this year.

#3 DEN/OAK Mcfad is still unproven and who will DEN have to be they starting RB? A rookie hold out? (Moreno) An againg player? (Buckhalter/Jordan) Or a guy who is a career backup? (Buckhalter or Jordan besides When he should have been a back up in OAK) Or even a player who should be a FB? (Hillis) I know I am a bbroncos fan by nature but I think this seems preety fair. McFad had he played more would make this an easier number. The broncos had one of the best russing attacks under Shanny . Yet I do realize that we have a new systemand Mcfad will also be running more this yearto protect Russel. I just think it is too close to call.

More to come later leave me your ideas when you get a chance. IMO could be a run away this year in the west or a nail bitter foor the last week. Once again this is just a partial idea from what I have seen thus far.