Chicago Bears Training Camp: Catching Up Through Thursday

Nick SheSenior Analyst IAugust 7, 2009

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I apologize for missing everyone after Wednesday's practice but will catch you with the main things that happened both Wednesday and Thursday in order to get back on track. Thursday's practice ended a couple of short hours ago, here's what has happened in the last two days:

The big news of Wednesday was the injury to Zack Bowman's hamstring. Bowman did not practice on Thursday and is expected to miss a couple more days. Many have stated that Bowman has been the most impressive Bear this camp as he has battled for an open cornerback position.

In the meantime Trumaine McBride and Corey Graham have been getting the majority of reps at corner. Nathan Vasher, The Interceptor if you will, continues to struggle. I don't see it being in the Bears likely plans to have him see much time on the field early in the season.

Thursday turned into a light "Veteran's Day" for many of the more experienced Bears who participated only lightly in practice. Orlando Pace, Hunter Hillenmeyer, Tommie Harris, Danieal Manning, and Kevin Payne all had lesser loads than normal on Thursday.

Staying with Tommie Harris, many have been critical of his workouts this camp. Lovie Smith stated at the start of camp that Tommie was 100% and ready to go for 2009, yet Harris still remains less involved in most drills and practice sessions than his teammates.

The Bears say this is because his knee can't take the beating it used to be able to take on a daily basis and this way the Bears can keep Tommie healthy, longer. If this is the case then Lovie lied and Tommie is obviously not 100% healthy.

Many looked to Jay Cutler on Wednesday for a reaction to the contract extension New York Giants QB Eli Manning signed (six years/$97 Million). Cutler made it known that he's not in a rush to get his big payday but there is little doubt he will be making close to "Manning Money" in the next year or so.

DB help? With all the injuries to the secondary are the Bears likely to make a move to bring in an extra defensive back to help out, especially at the corner position? Rumors may not be circulating yet but names like Ty Law and David Macklin remain unsigned at this point.

The Bears are close to signing/signed center Donovan Raiola. The 26 year old Wisconsin graduate has been a part of the Rams, Steelers, Seahawks, and Cardinals practice squads, chances are likely he will end up there in Chicago.

Finally a few out of town notes to end with...

Former fan favorite Marty Booker has signed with the Atlanta Falcons while the Bears continue to feel their current receivers have done enough to avoid moves at the position. This I will agree with and wish Marty nothing but the best in the ATL...

And the other, not so pretty side of the "Cutler Effect" showed its head in Denver on Thursday. The 13,000 or so Bronco fans in attendance at Invesco Field made it known that they would prefer Jay Cutler to former Bear Kyle Orton as they "booed" Orton on multiple occasions.

I really hope this is their way of booing Josh McDaniels for running that team like an immature child and not the quarterback who happened to be part of the trade.

That's all for tonight, practice is slated for 3:00 pm on Friday, I'll update you Friday evening. Goodnight all!