Superstars Who Really Need a New Theme (Part 2)

Adnan AhmedContributor IAugust 6, 2009

Kane: Really......really his new theme is...well crap (in my opinion.) If the WWE wants to establish Kane as a full-fledged bad ass monster they need to do things. Put the mask back on him and the second give him a new theme with that he could be a monster for a couple years and then retire happily.

Suited Theme: Any of his past themes.


Jeff Hardy: Ahhh yes Jeff Hardy where do I even start great wrestler, has a lot of charisma and decent on the stick. Just one problem: his theme is below average.  Why would creative change one of the best themes in the WWE.

Suited Theme: Old theme please!!

R-Truth: WWE has really tired out the gimmick of R-Truth and now are adding insult to injury by using the Pretty Ricky gimmick. They need establish him as gangster and team up with Cryme Tyme.

Suited Theme: In da Club by: 50 Cent

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