Oakland Raiders' Darren McFadden: If It Were Up to Me...

David RichardsonSenior Analyst IMay 14, 2008

The Oakland Raider's first round pick, Darren McFadden has started mini-camp, and he looks like he could become one of the greats!  So how should the  Raiders use him?  And in how many ways?

Since he's a running back, let's start with the running game.

McFadden is not the only good (or unproven) running back on the Raider's roster.    

Veteran Justin Fargas is coming back (already signed) after fabulous year during which he ran for over 1,000 yards. We also have Micheal Bush, who is unproven, yet promising. These two backs will/should serve as back-ups if McFadden can't play.

Next up, the passing game.

The Raiders have somewhat veteran Jamarcus Russel who most fans believe can improve. At the WR position we have Javon walker, Ronald Curry, Arman Shields, and many more talented players. At Tight End, we have amazing veteran Zach Miller.

We can also use our three awesome running backs for screens/short passes. We know they can do that.

McFadden also played QB in college. This might be a give away, but that probably won't happen with the Oakland Raiders.

Finally, special teams.

In Arkansas, McFadden had a fumbling problem with his kick returns (if not every where else). If mini-camp can improve this, We don't have to search for someone to Replace Chris Carr! And we could watch a play-maker get 40-50 yard Returns!

Well, that'll wrap it up, thanks for Reading! Oh yeah, I have to give some credit to Zander, who gave me the idea.