Michigan Promoter Goes Head To Head With UFC: Good Idea?

Tony PrestonCorrespondent IAugust 6, 2009

Recently while looking at a local MMA promotions website I noticed that they had events scheduled on the same night as UFC events.  This made me wonder is this a good idea.

Considering the fact that most MMA fans watch UFC events why would they miss a UFC to watch an amateur show.  I was thinking there are some reasons why this might work though.

First, there are some hardcore fans who despise the UFC and would rather watch an amateur show than watch the UFC.

Second, you can watch UFC pay per views even a few weeks after the event.  Also because of this you could watch a live show for a small price and then watch the UFC pay per view a few days later.

Third, the events are held at bars and clubs.  This would lead to people who frequent the establishment to see advertisments and possibly interest them enough to watch the event.

There are both pros and cons to holding an event at the same time as the UFC. I still feel that it would be better not to go head to head with the UFC though.