co f.Contributor IAugust 6, 2009

How much of an impact will #10 pick Michael Crabtree contract dispute with the 49ers affect the team?

In my opinion, little to none.

For the first time in YEARS the 49ers have more depth at wide receiver than ever before. I mentioned this before in my previous article 49ers Log Jam at Wide Receiver.

I still believe that the last roster spot at the receiver position will belong to either Arnez Battle or Domnique Ziegler. But with Michael "The Diva" Crabtree threatning to sit out the year and re-enter the draft in 2010 the 49ers just might be able to keep both Battle and Ziegler.

When San Francisco took him with the #10 pick it surprised just about everyone. After all the 49ers already have a full stable of young studs at receiver.

Lots has been written about Josh Morgan, Brandon Jones, and Issac Bruce. Little has been heard about Hill, Battle, and Ziegler. All have talent and three of them are really young. It's a good mix, grizzled veterans and young hungry talent. I would be just fine with these six receivers on the roster.

And by the way who the hell is this idiot David Wells? OOOOhhhhh!!!! He is Crabtree's stupid cousin and even dumber adviser. If he truly had his cousins best interest at heart he would get him to sign right away and stop trying to collect all the crumbs falling of his cousins table.

As for his agent Eugene Parker isn't that much better. Between Wells and Parker they have Crabtree's head and ego so inflated their is no room in there for anyone else.

A #10 pick gets #10 money. No matter what dillusions of grandeur that player has in his head. He hasn't even played a practice down and yet he wants more money. What a self centered, selfish little brat. I had few other words in mind but would be sued almost instantly if used.

Also what else does one expect from someone who closely associates himself with the biggest diva of all time and who also happens to be represented by Parker Deon Sanders. wasn't that one of the reasons the Raiders passed on him. Not just his lack of a forty time.

Wow am I actully about to say this. The Raiders may have made the better decision by not drafting "The Diva" Crabtree. Looks like Coach Mangini had it right when he called him a DIVA.

If Crabtree is so confident that he is that good then why doesn't he just put a clause in his contract. That after two years if he puts up the numbers of a top three NFL receiver that he will get a new contract worthy o f a top three receiver. If he doesn't put the numbers up. He keeps his current contract and can shut the hell up.

Owens ran his mouth and got ran out of town by fans and the team. If Wells doesn't shut his mouth he just might do the same thing for his diva cousin.

Bottom line is sign the damn contract and then play with a chip on your shoulder putting up huge numbers till you get your huge payday.

Personally I don't believe you have as much talent as you think you do. Then again so do a lot of people. So why don't you show up and prove us all wrong!!!!!