LOTD: Announcing the MSF Fantasy Sports Discussion Forum

Midwest Sports FansAnalyst IAugust 6, 2009

Welcome to today’s edition of Links of the Day, where our highlighted link is actually an internal one.

Last football season, I, along with our senior fantasy football writer Kurt Fraschetti, enjoyed writing weekly fantasy football advice columns as well as doing periodic Sunday morning start ‘em-sit ‘em live chats. For the upcoming season and beyond, we’ve decided to step up our fantasy sports coverage to another level.

Hence, the MSF Fantasy Sports Discussion Forum.

Now, it is set up a little differently than your typical forum and is actually more of a hybrid forum/live chat. We used one of the WordPress’ newest themes (created by the WP developers themselves) called P2.

What this theme allows you to do is create a discussion thread using a simple Twitter-like box on the homepage. If you click over to the discussion forum right now, you won’t see this box. You’ll just the not-yet-populated tag cloud and a sample discussion thread. All you have to do to post a question and start a discussion is register for a username. And yes, since it’s a different copy of WordPress, you still need to register there if you already have a username here at MSF.

You can then receive real-time feedback on your question from the MSF fantasy guys (me, Kurt, and perhaps a few others who have demonstrated their fantasy aptitude) and other people who join the community and want to chime in with a reply. It will obviously be up to you to digest the feedback and decide whether or not to incorporate it. The cool part about the theme is that if someone responds to your question, the page will update right in front of you; no refreshing necessary. 

Our goal is to respond to everyone’s question as soon as possible.  All of the admins will get email alerts every time a new discussion is started.  Plus, the sidebar will display who is online at any given moment, so you can see if one of the admins or any other users are there to provide feedback.  Unless we are tied up with something, we’ll bop on over ASAP to respond, hopefully while you are still on the site.  And on Sunday mornings, we’ll keep doing the live chats that we started last season, but don’t have to use a third-party program or set something up separately.  Everything will just be there right on the page.

Additionally, every discussion will be appropriately tagged so that if you are looking for specific information, you can sort the discussions by player name, position, or sport. There is a also a handy-dandy Lijit search widget for you to use as well to find exactly the information you are looking for.

So, head on over to the MSF Fantasy Sports Discussion Forum and take a look. Sign up for a username, post a question, and let’s get some discussions going.  

Also, please reply in the comments below or by email and let me know what you think of the forum. Like the setup? Hate it? Have any suggestions for ways we can make it better? Our goal was to create the most user-friendly and simple resource to get your specific fantasy sports questions answered quickly; hopefully we achieved that goal to some degree.

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